5 Reasons Why Cider Is For You!

Is cider making a comeback?

Cider seems to be in limbo at the minute. The refreshing drink conjures up images of picnics in the park or summer BBQs. Although the weather is somewhat bipolar at the minute, here at CheersLondon we feel that cider can be drunk all year round! In those cold winter months, cider is the perfect an alternative to the traditional mulled wine.

Whether it’s a summertime picnic or a wintery walk- cider is the one!

Of course it is to some people’s taste. But with that out the way and the warmer months seemingly in an out of reach.. where does that leave our ciders?
 Well we still think cider is a great drink of choice and this is why!

Here are 5 reasons why it can become a drink for you all year round:

1. It can be cheap– a pint of cider is pretty reasonably priced even in the ever more expensive town of London.
2. It can be sipped slowly. This makes it easy on the wallet. If you are a bit skint and your mates want you down the pub, it’s surprising how long you can make a cider last.
3. It’s fruity! The fruity options make it seem like you aren’t drinking alcohol at all. Lovely if you want a refreshing night cap, just remember it is alcoholic so I wouldn’t suggest downing loads with the trickery of no alcohol in mind.
4. Memory lane. It will bring back memories. Some good (summer nights and chilling with friends) some bad (uni days of one two many snakebites)
5. Healthy? Cider is traditionally made from apples… that’s healthy right? **
**Cider typically contains 210 calories in one pint… so the healthy aspect is on par with wine being from grapes.
apples 2
So why not give this beverage a chance in the next week? Let’s make Cider great again and a drink for all occasions!

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