True cider fans look no further. Britain’s best home brew.

cori tap cider.jpg

Only true scrumpy fans apply.

Now in no way are we condoning irresponsible drinking, but your status as a true cider fan would never be complete without at least an attempt at the infamous Cori Tap Challenge.

The Cori Tap you ask? Centuries old and one of Britain’s most esteemed cider houses, The Coronation Tap is just a short walk from Brunel’s Suspension Bridge in Bristol. With such a plethora of ciders on tap, available nowhere else in the world, this little inn, is undoubtedly a rose amongst the thorns of modern day chains, who all serve nothing but mass produced plonk.



Home brewed, and at 8.5% the ciders here are the real deal. Of course the West Country folk would make them no other way, and boy, do people go crazy for them…so here’s the challenge.

Ten delicate half pints consumed within one evening of pure merriment. What do you win? The respect of The Cori’s forefathers who serve you at the bar. It’s that simple, but few manage it.



If one evening of debauchery down The Cori isn’t enough for you, then be sure not to miss the inn’s very own cider festival this summer, ‘The Corifest’. The second weekend of August will see a weekend filled with hog roasts, live folk music and of course Bristol’s home brewed cider.



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