Why pick Whisky? A history in a bottle

Whisky has a long and  adventurous history. With nearly 500 hundred brands of whisky across the world, how do you know where to start? Here at CheersLondon we’ll unlock the mystery behind whisky and why we think this Scottish malt is a go to classic!


John Dewar & Sons

So who was John Dewar? One of the most famous names in Scotch whisky, John Dewar & Sons was established in Perth, Scotland in 1846. Whisky was and always has been at the heart of the business.

How whisky became a success story?

The 19th century was the boom for whisky trading, and sons of John Dewar Alexander and Tommy built built Aberfeldy distillery between 1896 and 1898 to provide malt for blending purposes.

But hard times were still to come, and the company financially struggled during the 20th century ultimately merging with rivals James Buchanan & Co in 1915 to form Buchanan-Dewar.

In 1925 the company became part of the global Distillers Company Ltd (DCL) and later sold to Bicardi in 1998.

Today, John Dewar & Sons currently employs near to three hundred people at seven highland distillery locations.

So what does this whisky taste like?

Firstly on the nose you get an overwhelmingly toasty smell, toffee nut with a malt flavour and smoky aromas. The palette is a little fuller, barley undertones. A hint of honey comes through reflecting the colour of the blend.

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By Anna Johnston


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