Alcohol and pancakes can be the perfect mix for any date

Loyal observers of Cheers London will have already seen how we can use¬†previously¬†featured drink Whisky to make everyone’s favourite sweet treat. Whisky too harsh for you though? Well have no fear, as we give you the definitive list of tipples to have alongside your sugar and lemon coated pancakes.

Like most things in life, a complete package is dependent on many factors. Fancy a sweet pancake? Well perhaps a fruit beer could be the order of the day! Looking for something more savoury? Stick to the cider! Here are just a few of our ideas, though we expect the night to take on a life of its own.

1. Smoked salmon blini

Ok, maybe a bit obvious, but Cheers London are classy if nothing else. Obviously Champagne!

Glass Champagne Piccolo Champagne Glass

2. Lemon and Sugar

Only one thing for lemon! Grab a shot of tequila whilst you’re at it – we just hope you remember Shrove Tuesday afterwards!

3. Chocolate covered goodness

Ale will always go down a treat with chocolate – the way we see it: the darker the better!

4. Chicken and Mushroom (or other savoury style)

This is a pancake not for the kids! A sophisticated meal, deserving a sophisticated beverage – Pinot Noir it is!

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have one of your best Pancake Days to date! Happy baking all!

Article written by John Kent


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