Bottoms Up!

Bottomless Prosecco at Bounce

What’s better than a bottle of prosecco? Bottomless prosecco! London offers many great events where you can fill your flute as much as you want with that bubbly feeling.

One place where you can chase away those Sunday blues is at Bounce in Old Street. You can eat as much pizza as you can manage, challenge your friend to a game of ping pong all whilst quaffing from a glass that never empties.

Sunday brunch has never been better!

1pm-3pm every Sunday is when their bottomless brunch happens. Guaranteed to leave you squiffy and maybe a tad confused after being in the UV lights having a club experience and then back to the streets of Shoreditch. But a great way to end/start your week! Grab your mates and raise your glass to the fizz!

Bounce Old Street People 3.jpg

To book your Bottomless Brunch visit:


By Elle Vickery 


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