Prosecco is the perfect afternoon getaway!

Take the afternoon off with a prosecco brunch!

If you’re looking to take an afternoon break away or just spending an afternoon relaxing, here at Cheers London we recommend The Melody Restaurant as part of our prosecco week. A sophisticated west London restaurant that offers from top European cuisine to afternoon teas combined with high quality prosecco.

What makes the Melody Restaurant so appealing is its afternoon teas. A classic British past time provided in an elegant venue. A claim which the Melody Restaurant pride themselves on. They offer traditional scones, sandwiches and pastries with a choice of teas, coffee and fine wines. A combination that we believe will satisfy any customer. It’s why we at Cheers London believe this to be one of the perfect getaways for an afternoon in London. You can sit back with a glass of prosecco and just enjoy the afternoon.

Not only does the Melody Restaurant provide great afternoon teas, they are known for their exquisite European cuisine. Taking recipes from across the continent and applying them to their West London based restaurant. From seafood spaghetti to their grilled chicken fillet with crushed peppercorns, garlic, capers and lime juice. Perfect meals to go with a glass of fizz. The Melody Restaurant really do pride themselves on customer experience.

If you are interested to try the Melody Restaurant, they are located in Hammersmith ( ). Local tube station would Barons Court Station in which it’s a seven minute walk from. Try their fine dinning today and tweet us with your reviews!


By Jack Hoban


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