When is gin time?

Cheers HQ were conflicted…

The weather has been a teasing minx, warm for a day which meant we rushed to a beer garden squeezing our lemons into our gin as we went. Now its cold again, is there still a place for that refreshing summer tipple? Of course there is!


But what time is Gin o’clock?


We think one of the below:

6pm on a Friday – After work drinks

3pm on a Sunday – Chilled end of the weekend drinks

10pm on a Wednesday – It’s only half way through the week drinks

Head over to our twitter page here  to vote on your chosen time.

in the meantime, if all this gin talk has got you in the mood for one see below for a twist on the traditional beverage!

So what goes into this classic?

1 part gin (our favourite at the moment is Sipsmith)

2 parts tonic (Try Fever-Tree tonic)

For some added CheersLondon flare:
1 lime wheel
1 lemon wheel
2 juniper berries

Whether you like a classic g&t or a more adventurous blend, CheersLondon will have something for you!

By Elle Vickery



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