Gin: Its safe for mothers!

Happy Mother’s Day!

In the recent years, Gin has become the trendy drink favoured by hipsters and city workers alike. So long to the Vodka, lime and lemonade and Cheers to the Gin and Tonic.

Some may know that Gin is also known as “Mothers Ruin” due to its links to depression and unpredictable behaviour from the consumer. Why is this?

Back in the day (18th Century to be precise) Gin was introduced as a cheap spirit, accessible to the masses as a remedy to pretty much get battered! The tax on beer was far too expensive whereas gin only had a price of 2 pence a gallon and in London alone 10 million gallons of gin was being distilled annually.

So what did this do to the great pissed public? Well, more popular among women, the drinking of Gin meant children were neglected and even sold into prostitution to feed the habit and some babies were drunk on the spirit to keep them quiet. Men were left impotent and some were driven to madness!

When the government realised there was a Gin related crisis they upped the tax on the beverage driving sales underground and onto the black market. People sold their homes to get their hands on it, using the effects of the alcohol to keep them warm in the winter and sloshed in the summer.

This continued until the Duke of Wellington passed a bill that got rid of the beer tax. The insatiable thirst for gin soon disappeared.

Gin: No longer a ruin for mothers!

Fast-forward a couple of hundred years and gin is back in fashion. It could be argued that the increased interest in cocktails has played a part and if you chuck the word “Craft” at the front of anything you will have people queuing up round the block to say they had it first.

Whatever the reason for Gin making the biggest comeback since Take That, I’ll definitely be taking it. Mine’s a Gin and Tonic, straight up with a slice of lemon.

By Elle Vickery 


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