Will you be ‘sipping Gin and Juice’ with Katy Perry at Radio 1’s Big Weekend this summer?

This morning, BBC Radio 1 announced that Katy Perry is going to be headlining their ‘Big Weekend’ which will be in Hull this year.

The announcement, along with the sun finally making in appearance in London, got us thinking about the looming Festival season this year.

If Radio 1’s Big Weekend is a bit too far for you Londoners to trek for a bit of festival fun, or perhaps if Reading or Glastonbury are more your bag, theres one thing think all festivals goers have in common, they like to have a drink.

When you think of most festivals you imagine the beer tents and cider bars, but why not give Gin a go as your festival tipple?

When the sun is shining theres nothing better than a cold Gin and Tonic, and most festivals are now serving chilled tins of G&T ready to go, or if you’re going to Glastonbury this year, keep your eyes peeled for Cocktail and Gin pop up bars around the site, for a freshly made G&T or cocktail.

So ditch that beer belly this summer and give the Gin ago this festival season, see you there… Cheers!


Alicia Edwards for Cheers!


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