This way to the cocktail train

Have a knees up in yester-year

If you are on the look out for a little bit of vintage drinking, in a great location with plenty of banter then we have the place for you! Set in an “abandoned” tube station just after the second world war Cahoots promises to leave you feeling squiffy while having a spiffing good time!

The cocktails are a bit pricey so this night would be reserved for a special occasion and booking is definitely necessary; people are queuing round the block to experience the delights of Cahoots. The menu is packed with cocktails named after famous people of the time including old time sweethearts Vera Lynn and Rita Hayworth. If you are feeling peckish then make sure to get your rations in the form of crisp and said cream sandwich or scotch egg, perfect to line the stomach.

Most importantly kick back with friends and enjoy and evening of debauchery and delight! Tally ho old chaps!

By Elle Vickery 


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