Beavertown beer: craft beer at its best

Inspired by global breweries brought home to London

Craft beer- interesting, bold flavoured beers made by small-scale breweries that focus on retaining the quality over mass production. But can craft beer live up to the hype and persuade drinkers away from a traditional British pint? We think so!

The Gamma Ray American Pale Ale


Beavertown’s Gamma Ray American Pale Ale is a delicious tropical juicy beer- light in flavour something that you can drink all day! Packed full with malt and flavours of mango and grapefruit. One of CheersLondon favourites!

Fancy something different?

A great alternative is the Neck Oil Session Indian Pale Ale. For Beavertown apparently this started as a home brew. Light and crispy- with a huge addition of late hops to the brew, this is an easy drinker!


Pick up a selection of Beavertown beers at The Good Wine Shop and enjoy!


By Anna Johnston


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