Alcohol abuse is a growing lifestyle risk – know the statistics

More than 9 million people in the UK are drinking over the recommended alcohol allowance every day!

Cheers London are all about fun, but make sure you stay safe when drinking.

How much is too much?

In the UK, we are recommended no to drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week – how much is 14 units of alcohol though:

Wine: 6 glasses

Beer: 6 pints

There is plenty of scope there to enjoy your night in the pub – just keep everything in moderation!

What does alcohol do to us?

Alcohol is linked to all sorts of problems such as various cancers and liver problems. In recent times, alcohol related problems have resulted in over 1 million hospital admissions a year, with around 21,512 deaths every year.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 14.06.37

Do the young drink too much?

In short: yes!

Alcohol Concern’s latest polls said over 40% of school pupils under 15 have tried alcohol. If this is maybe not unsurprising, over 300 people between the ages 15-34 die each year from alcohol-related causes.

The young can think they are invincible – even they should think twice though about the damage they are doing to their livers.

Is there help out there for alcohol related problems?

Help is everywhere should you need it. Alcohol Concern is just one of many groups out there offering support, hosting such events as Alcohol Awareness Week within London.




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