Alcohol abuse is a growing lifestyle risk – know the statistics

More than 9 million people in the UK are drinking over the recommended alcohol allowance every day!

Cheers London are all about fun, but make sure you stay safe when drinking.

How much is too much?

In the UK, we are recommended no to drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week – how much is 14 units of alcohol though:

Wine: 6 glasses

Beer: 6 pints

There is plenty of scope there to enjoy your night in the pub – just keep everything in moderation!

What does alcohol do to us?

Alcohol is linked to all sorts of problems such as various cancers and liver problems. In recent times, alcohol related problems have resulted in over 1 million hospital admissions a year, with around 21,512 deaths every year.

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Do the young drink too much?

In short: yes!

Alcohol Concern’s latest polls said over 40% of school pupils under 15 have tried alcohol. If this is maybe not unsurprising, over 300 people between the ages 15-34 die each year from alcohol-related causes.

The young can think they are invincible – even they should think twice though about the damage they are doing to their livers.

Is there help out there for alcohol related problems?

Help is everywhere should you need it. Alcohol Concern is just one of many groups out there offering support, hosting such events as Alcohol Awareness Week within London.




Feel like Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast…

We can’t get enough of Emma Watson in the new Beauty and the Beast live action remake here at Cheers London.

Set in an enchanted French castle, the Emma Watson and the rest of the cast invites you to ‘be our guest’ and dive into the magic of disney for a couple of hours.

We particularly enjoyed watching this ‘tale as old as time’ with a glass of french red wine which you can get in any of the Picturehouse cinemas in London as well as a number of other independent theatres.

Or, if you’d prefer a night at home, why not watch the original film and treat yourself to a bottle of Chateauneuf de pape from Tesco for just £10!





Alicia Edwards for Cheers!

Help me through a wine list! Cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and malbec all make it on our top wine guide

Did you know there are over 10,000 varieties of wine in the world?

Being given a wine list is scary. Cheers London can help you ensure success without having to go ‘bottom right’.

1. Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

One for the fruit lovers out there. Distinct aromas of plum, blackberry and currants – whilst giving a lovely after taste of liquorice. The 2013 vintage will keep you going right through to 2028!


2. Malbec: Alpamanta, Mendoza

Like our number one, another one for the fruit lovers. Mendoza has long been considered the ‘home’ of Malbec, so we are of course spoilt for choice. It was the balsamic traces that did it for us on this one though! Being Argentine, we of course recommend it with a good steak – for extra marks show your regional knowledge by ordering a ‘bife de lomo’.

3. Chardonnay: The Ring, Weltevrede 

Coming from The Jonker Family Estate in South Africa, this lightly bubbling chardonnay drink will please any palette with it’s refreshing lemony aroma. A favourite for a lunch-time tipple, a great accompaniment for any poultry or white fish.


Article Written by John Kent

London, are you already dreaming of Friday afternoon?

Here at Cheers HQ we’re already thinking about Friday afternoon.

If you’re already planning your Friday night drinks, look no further than the Fox on the Green in Islington for a fantastic deal on Prosecco, where you can get a whole bottle for just £14, or two glasses for £6.

Top Tip: Get a shot of Chambord on the side to give your drink that fantastic extra sweetness.


Prosecco is the perfect afternoon getaway!

Take the afternoon off with a prosecco brunch!

If you’re looking to take an afternoon break away or just spending an afternoon relaxing, here at Cheers London we recommend The Melody Restaurant as part of our prosecco week. A sophisticated west London restaurant that offers from top European cuisine to afternoon teas combined with high quality prosecco.

What makes the Melody Restaurant so appealing is its afternoon teas. A classic British past time provided in an elegant venue. A claim which the Melody Restaurant pride themselves on. They offer traditional scones, sandwiches and pastries with a choice of teas, coffee and fine wines. A combination that we believe will satisfy any customer. It’s why we at Cheers London believe this to be one of the perfect getaways for an afternoon in London. You can sit back with a glass of prosecco and just enjoy the afternoon.

Not only does the Melody Restaurant provide great afternoon teas, they are known for their exquisite European cuisine. Taking recipes from across the continent and applying them to their West London based restaurant. From seafood spaghetti to their grilled chicken fillet with crushed peppercorns, garlic, capers and lime juice. Perfect meals to go with a glass of fizz. The Melody Restaurant really do pride themselves on customer experience.

If you are interested to try the Melody Restaurant, they are located in Hammersmith ( ). Local tube station would Barons Court Station in which it’s a seven minute walk from. Try their fine dinning today and tweet us with your reviews!


By Jack Hoban

Alcohol and pancakes can be the perfect mix for any date

Loyal observers of Cheers London will have already seen how we can use previously featured drink Whisky to make everyone’s favourite sweet treat. Whisky too harsh for you though? Well have no fear, as we give you the definitive list of tipples to have alongside your sugar and lemon coated pancakes.

Like most things in life, a complete package is dependent on many factors. Fancy a sweet pancake? Well perhaps a fruit beer could be the order of the day! Looking for something more savoury? Stick to the cider! Here are just a few of our ideas, though we expect the night to take on a life of its own.

1. Smoked salmon blini

Ok, maybe a bit obvious, but Cheers London are classy if nothing else. Obviously Champagne!

Glass Champagne Piccolo Champagne Glass

2. Lemon and Sugar

Only one thing for lemon! Grab a shot of tequila whilst you’re at it – we just hope you remember Shrove Tuesday afterwards!

3. Chocolate covered goodness

Ale will always go down a treat with chocolate – the way we see it: the darker the better!

4. Chicken and Mushroom (or other savoury style)

This is a pancake not for the kids! A sophisticated meal, deserving a sophisticated beverage – Pinot Noir it is!

Follow these tips, and you’re sure to have one of your best Pancake Days to date! Happy baking all!

Article written by John Kent

Gin Festival London 2017

What: Gin Festival London 2017

When: Friday 17th-Sunday 19th February

Where: Tobacco Dock, Wapping Lane, London E1W 2DA

Why: Magazine Time Out had endorsed it as one of the top 10 things to do in 2016, so expect more gin styled magic this time round


Gin is a staple of any millennial’s diet – two of the most ordered drinks in any part of the country are the Gin Martini and the Negroni, whilst a simple but effective G & T fuels many a good night out.

Fancy investigating the drink further though? Well make sure you get down to the Docklands on from the 17th-19th February, as anyone who knows anything about gin come together for one massive occasion.

Tickets are hard to come by, but check out the website to see if you can get your hands on passes to the in-demand event!

Health and Alcohol: Keeping yourself slim as we approach the summer

Health is everywhere. Where once you saw fry-ups, you now see avocado on toast; where once you had hungover Sunday movie clubs, you now have health obsessed running clubs. Have no fear however, we here at Cheers London won’t be quitting our Friday tipples anytime soon! Better yet, London Personal Trainer, Guido Gabriela Basola has given us the low-down on how to stay fit and fun (please don’t tell the fitness army we said they’re not fun).

Before we go into the finer details of what to drink, there is one rule anybody wanting to achieve anything the day after an alcohol fuelled night must adhere to: DO NOT MIX YOUR DRINKS! Yes, we know after one too many, student priced vodka may seem like an acceptable substitute for more pricey G&Ts….believe us, it is not! Choose your drink, and stick to it!


Right, what to drink then? Guido took time out of the gym tell us what drink has the smallest effect on the dreaded bulge (Guido was once manager at top London location Sketch, so knows a thing or two about drinks – you are in safe hands!)

  1. Straight spirits – gin and vodka are top of the list!

  2. Martini – we aren’t completely boring here

  3. Spirit Mixer – Skinny Bitch anyone? (That’s a vodka,lime, soda before anyone gets offended!)

  4. Skinny Prosecco – treat yourself and head to Selfridges for Guido’s personal favourite

  5. Red Wine – here’s one you didn’t know: a glass of red wine will help show your 6 pack due to dehydration. We at Cheers London therefore see it as a necessity, and that’s before we talk about the health benefits of flavonoids!

There you have it then, your one stop guide to keeping your place in the fitness army, whilst also being socially accepted by your work colleagues!

Article by John Kent

An idiots guide to whisky

Whisky is the latest of our featured drinks, and comes with more complications then getting around London on tube strike day. Have no fear though, as we guide you through the basic steps in our idiots guide to whisky.

1) Whisky vs Whiskey

Trying to impress someone by ordering a sophisticated dram of whisk(e)y? Rule number one, don’t get the nationality wrong! Scotland and Ireland have dominated the distallary scene for years, and pride runs strong through the veins of both nations! It really is simple though:

  1. Whiskey – the ‘e’ signals an Irish/American origin
  2. Whisky – spelt without an ‘e’ means it is scotch based, and therefore originates from our Northern neighbours

One simple piece of knowledge ensuring you survive a night out in an Irish bar!

2) Peaty vs Smokey

The pre-eminent aromas of whisky language! Get this one wrong and your facial expression will immediately give away your disdain to the flavour. Choose your weapon wisely!

I will keep it simple – peaty flavour is like the tabacco of the cigar, whilst smokey is well, the smoke part!


3) To Ice or Not To Ice? That is the question

A certain amount of respect goes out to any customer who orders a whisky neat, yet there is a certain sense of Je ne sais qoui about ordering ‘on the rocks’.

Which is for you though?

Much debate surrounds this topic, but in my mind it is best to keep it simple!

  • Expensive: neat
  • Cheap: on the rocks
  • hardened drinker: neat!