Alcohol abuse is a growing lifestyle risk – know the statistics

More than 9 million people in the UK are drinking over the recommended alcohol allowance every day!

Cheers London are all about fun, but make sure you stay safe when drinking.

How much is too much?

In the UK, we are recommended no to drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week – how much is 14 units of alcohol though:

Wine: 6 glasses

Beer: 6 pints

There is plenty of scope there to enjoy your night in the pub – just keep everything in moderation!

What does alcohol do to us?

Alcohol is linked to all sorts of problems such as various cancers and liver problems. In recent times, alcohol related problems have resulted in over 1 million hospital admissions a year, with around 21,512 deaths every year.

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Do the young drink too much?

In short: yes!

Alcohol Concern’s latest polls said over 40% of school pupils under 15 have tried alcohol. If this is maybe not unsurprising, over 300 people between the ages 15-34 die each year from alcohol-related causes.

The young can think they are invincible – even they should think twice though about the damage they are doing to their livers.

Is there help out there for alcohol related problems?

Help is everywhere should you need it. Alcohol Concern is just one of many groups out there offering support, hosting such events as Alcohol Awareness Week within London.




Beavertown beer: craft beer at its best

Inspired by global breweries brought home to London

Craft beer- interesting, bold flavoured beers made by small-scale breweries that focus on retaining the quality over mass production. But can craft beer live up to the hype and persuade drinkers away from a traditional British pint? We think so!

The Gamma Ray American Pale Ale


Beavertown’s Gamma Ray American Pale Ale is a delicious tropical juicy beer- light in flavour something that you can drink all day! Packed full with malt and flavours of mango and grapefruit. One of CheersLondon favourites!

Fancy something different?

A great alternative is the Neck Oil Session Indian Pale Ale. For Beavertown apparently this started as a home brew. Light and crispy- with a huge addition of late hops to the brew, this is an easy drinker!


Pick up a selection of Beavertown beers at The Good Wine Shop and enjoy!


By Anna Johnston

Treat your mum on Mother’s Day

Sunday 26th March is the day all mothers deserve to be massively spoilt, and within London there are plenty of possibilities when it comes to sharing a tipple with your most loyal supporter. Cheers London outlines a few of the possibilities!

1. Lantana Boozie Brunch – Price: ££

Ok, for you it may be a case of hair of the dog, but why not disguise it with the excuse of treating your mum to some morning booze!? Lantana in Fitzrovia is one of the most popular places around when it comes to such an occasion, and with good reason! Hidden in Charlotte Place, this is the place where people who know there brunch from their lunch come. We recommend starting with a round of Bloody Mary’s, before moving on to their famous banana bread!

Address: 13 Charlotte Place, Fitsrovia



2. Cocktails at The Artesian – Price: £££

Ok, this may be a little more pricey than our normal choices – but it’s Mother’s Day right!? Located just off Portland Place, The Artesian is located within the Langham Hotel, and is recognised as one of the top cocktail bars in the world! Really want to impress your mum?? Give the Two Memories a try!

Address: The Langham London, Portland Place

3. Champagne in bed – Price: £

Ok, we’ve all done this before with bacon and eggs – why not try it with a bottle of champagne and wake your mum up to the best surprise ever! Head to your local supermarket and pick anything up (prosecco and sparkling wine will both do on this occasion), and give your mum the best Mother’s Day suprise ever!

Address: Wherever you may be!



Article written by John Kent

Feel like Emma Watson in Beauty and the Beast…

We can’t get enough of Emma Watson in the new Beauty and the Beast live action remake here at Cheers London.

Set in an enchanted French castle, the Emma Watson and the rest of the cast invites you to ‘be our guest’ and dive into the magic of disney for a couple of hours.

We particularly enjoyed watching this ‘tale as old as time’ with a glass of french red wine which you can get in any of the Picturehouse cinemas in London as well as a number of other independent theatres.

Or, if you’d prefer a night at home, why not watch the original film and treat yourself to a bottle of Chateauneuf de pape from Tesco for just £10!





Alicia Edwards for Cheers!

Help me through a wine list! Cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay and malbec all make it on our top wine guide

Did you know there are over 10,000 varieties of wine in the world?

Being given a wine list is scary. Cheers London can help you ensure success without having to go ‘bottom right’.

1. Lewis Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

One for the fruit lovers out there. Distinct aromas of plum, blackberry and currants – whilst giving a lovely after taste of liquorice. The 2013 vintage will keep you going right through to 2028!


2. Malbec: Alpamanta, Mendoza

Like our number one, another one for the fruit lovers. Mendoza has long been considered the ‘home’ of Malbec, so we are of course spoilt for choice. It was the balsamic traces that did it for us on this one though! Being Argentine, we of course recommend it with a good steak – for extra marks show your regional knowledge by ordering a ‘bife de lomo’.

3. Chardonnay: The Ring, Weltevrede 

Coming from The Jonker Family Estate in South Africa, this lightly bubbling chardonnay drink will please any palette with it’s refreshing lemony aroma. A favourite for a lunch-time tipple, a great accompaniment for any poultry or white fish.


Article Written by John Kent

Bottoms Up!

Bottomless Prosecco at Bounce

What’s better than a bottle of prosecco? Bottomless prosecco! London offers many great events where you can fill your flute as much as you want with that bubbly feeling.

One place where you can chase away those Sunday blues is at Bounce in Old Street. You can eat as much pizza as you can manage, challenge your friend to a game of ping pong all whilst quaffing from a glass that never empties.

Sunday brunch has never been better!

1pm-3pm every Sunday is when their bottomless brunch happens. Guaranteed to leave you squiffy and maybe a tad confused after being in the UV lights having a club experience and then back to the streets of Shoreditch. But a great way to end/start your week! Grab your mates and raise your glass to the fizz!

Bounce Old Street People 3.jpg

To book your Bottomless Brunch visit:


By Elle Vickery 

Which is the London’s favourite fizz: Prosecco vs Champagne?

A bottle of fizz is the definite drink of choice when you’ve got something to celebrate. But do you go with Champagne or Prosecco?

Prosecco can be a delicious, great value for money alternative.

How to pick the best Prosecco?

To be classified as Prosecco, you must look to see if the drink comes from a certain region of North-eastern Italy.

Look for a young vintage, plenty of bubbles and fruity in flavour. Most importantly serve chilled!

Why we love Prosecco

This cheaper alternative to champagne is a favourite of ours and we’ll be sharing all our tips and tricks for the best Prosecco based cocktails and the best deals across the capital.

CheersLondon will find you the best of Prosecco based events happening across London, from afternoon tea with a glass of fizz to a London Prosecco festival… we will have it all. Why not even try a bottomless brunch!

So enjoy a glass of bubbles and thank Italy for bringing us Prosecco!




(Photo courtesy of Wine Gifted)

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul to star in Jack Daniels drama!


Cider is making a comeback!

We’re celebrating cider here at CheersLondon!

Whether your a cider lover, or are yet to find your favourite tipple, we’ll have something for you.

We champion real cider, made from 100% juices of apples.


From different flavoured ciders, to drinks deals…to how to cook with cider– CheersLondon will look to find you the best alcoholic alternative to apple juice!



By Alicia Edwards