Welcome to Sipsmith

We went on a weeknight distillery tour at this hipster hotspot.

Welcome to Sipsmith! Whether you consider yourself a gin lover or partial to the odd g&t, this tour is for everyone! Needless to say we were handed a gin cocktail on arrival it was already a good start to the evening.

When you arrive at the tiny Distillery nestled on a back street in West London, you don’t think much of the junkyard exterior. But just like a tardis, we were let into Sipsmith’s hidden world of exclusive gin tasting.


Who are Sipsmith?

The team on hand were less like tour guides but all ginthusiasts themselves. After being told the story of gin from mothers ruin to a favourite spirit we got to understand a bit more about the company. So what is Sipsmith all about? Their mission seems simple. The revival of the London Dry Gin, but with, as Fairfax and Sam (their founders) put it ‘truly uncompromising quality and character’.

Find your bottle!

Our The production method is by no means simple, or efficient but in essence produces delicious gin in individually hand-crafted bottles. To the extent where if you have a bottle of it at home you can search your batch number on their website to see what was happening at the distillery the day your gin was born…Truly unique.

Meet the stills

We then got to see the beautiful stills in all their glory. Prudence was the first copper pot still to launch in London for nearly 200 years. We were told that Prudence was ironically named during the recession when Sipsmith’s owners were being financially prudent to fund the drink we know and love today.


Patience came along four years later, and after patiently waiting the team moved the Chiswick distillery where both stills could reach their full potential. The final copper lady is Constance. The largest still of the three works solely on producing Sipsmith’s most popular London Dry Gin- and we could hear constant hum of her stilling throughout our tour.

Thank you..and cheers!

A fantastic evening all round! It was an opportunity to learn about a craft Distillery gem- hidden away on our doorstep. Here at CheersLondon, we thoroughly enjoyed sipping our way what Sipsmith had to offer!


Thank you Sipsmith!

By Anna Johnston 


Gin and Tonic with a caffeine twist

Espresso martini, reinvented!

There’s a new gin cocktail on the hipster block and it’s been dubbed as the ‘Turbo G&T’.
This take on the traditional gin and tonic is spiked with cold-brew coffee, giving it the name Cold Brew Gin and Tonic or CBGT.
Gin and Coffee, a Brit’s two vices.. what’s not to love?

What makes this hedonistic mix of alcohol and caffeine so great?

When you’re used to only mixing caffeine with vodka sometimes it’s hard to stray from the norm. But, believe me it’s worth straying and you may never look back.
If you’re not a coffee connoisseur you may be thinking, ‘what even is a cold brew?’ Well, it’s essentially coffee soaked in cold water overnight.

According to Sandows, who make and bottle cold brew coffee in London,
“It’s fresh coffee and filtered water, brewed slowly and without heat to extract minimal acidity. The result is a much smoother flavour without that bitterness you usually get in black coffee.”
They describe it as ‘bloomin’ refreshing’ – making it perfect for summer.

The hints of juniper in the gin and bitterness of the tonic really stand up to the cold brew to create a unique melange of flavours.

Sandows likes to call their version the ‘London Morning Tonic’ – because we all need an energy boast even after a nights sleep, right?

Where to try a Cold Brew Gin and Tonic Cocktail

You can order one at the Mondrian Hotel, London or at The White Lyon, Hoxton.
They are also becoming more popular at espresso café come cocktail bars across London.

How To Make your own Turbo G&T

At CheersLondon we know the struggle of deciding between drinking at fancy bars or buying groceries, so we have this supercharged cocktail recipe for you. Now you can sip on a decedent caffeine tonic whilst eating your Tesco’s ready meal! Oh, we do spoil you!


35ml Gin (we recommend Sipsmith)
10ml Sandows Cold Brew Coffee
Tonic water
Lemon or orange peel to garnish


– Take a long Collins glass and add ice and then the gin
– Next add the cold brew coffee
– Top up the mixture with tonic water and garnish with a lemon or orange peel

For a stronger coffee flavour pour the cold brew coffee in last so that it floats on top of the drink.

We’ve got more cocktail recipes here.


By Dominique Starbuck