Which is the London’s favourite fizz: Prosecco vs Champagne?

A bottle of fizz is the definite drink of choice when you’ve got something to celebrate. But do you go with Champagne or Prosecco?

Prosecco can be a delicious, great value for money alternative.

How to pick the best Prosecco?

To be classified as Prosecco, you must look to see if the drink comes from a certain region of North-eastern Italy.

Look for a young vintage, plenty of bubbles and fruity in flavour. Most importantly serve chilled!

Why we love Prosecco

This cheaper alternative to champagne is a favourite of ours and we’ll be sharing all our tips and tricks for the best Prosecco based cocktails and the best deals across the capital.

CheersLondon will find you the best of Prosecco based events happening across London, from afternoon tea with a glass of fizz to a London Prosecco festival… we will have it all. Why not even try a bottomless brunch!

So enjoy a glass of bubbles and thank Italy for bringing us Prosecco!




(Photo courtesy of Wine Gifted)


Health and Alcohol: Keeping yourself slim as we approach the summer

Health is everywhere. Where once you saw fry-ups, you now see avocado on toast; where once you had hungover Sunday movie clubs, you now have health obsessed running clubs. Have no fear however, we here at Cheers London won’t be quitting our Friday tipples anytime soon! Better yet, London Personal Trainer, Guido Gabriela Basola has given us the low-down on how to stay fit and fun (please don’t tell the fitness army we said they’re not fun).

Before we go into the finer details of what to drink, there is one rule anybody wanting to achieve anything the day after an alcohol fuelled night must adhere to: DO NOT MIX YOUR DRINKS! Yes, we know after one too many, student priced vodka may seem like an acceptable substitute for more pricey G&Ts….believe us, it is not! Choose your drink, and stick to it!


Right, what to drink then? Guido took time out of the gym tell us what drink has the smallest effect on the dreaded bulge (Guido was once manager at top London location Sketch, so knows a thing or two about drinks – you are in safe hands!)

  1. Straight spirits – gin and vodka are top of the list!

  2. Martini – we aren’t completely boring here

  3. Spirit Mixer – Skinny Bitch anyone? (That’s a vodka,lime, soda before anyone gets offended!)

  4. Skinny Prosecco – treat yourself and head to Selfridges for Guido’s personal favourite

  5. Red Wine – here’s one you didn’t know: a glass of red wine will help show your 6 pack due to dehydration. We at Cheers London therefore see it as a necessity, and that’s before we talk about the health benefits of flavonoids!

There you have it then, your one stop guide to keeping your place in the fitness army, whilst also being socially accepted by your work colleagues!

Article by John Kent